We are a local provider of national contracts: NCPA, GSA, and Premier.


We are a member of AOPD, a network of locally-owned independent distributors. This enables us to meet your furniture and supply needs through major national purchasing contracts, saving you time and money. These contracts eliminate the need for time-consuming bids and RFPs.

We supplement the savings on these contracts with extensive product selection, local service, seamless distribution, accurate invoicing and reporting, and free next-day delivery, improving your workflow and productivity across your entire organization.

These National Purchasing contracts include:

  • NCPA for Local Public Agencies, Schools, Colleges, and Non-Profits
  • GSA for Federal Government Agencies
  • Premier for Member Hospitals and Healthcare Providers


NCPA Co-op Contract: 11-18

NCPA is a nationwide government purchasing cooperative to reduce the cost of supplies. Public and nonprofit sector entities that are eligible for these discounts include:

  • School Districts
  • Higher Education
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Local Government
  • State Agencies
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Church/Religious
  • Nonprofit Corporations

As a local, NCPA-contracted supplier, we can provide everything you need for your office at NCPA-contracted pricing supplemented with personalized service, next-day delivery, and tailored procurement solutions.

NCPA contracts with Lead Public Agencies to competitively solicit master cooperative contracts that all public agencies can use. This eliminates your need for a separate RFP and Bid Process. Contracts are awarded based on quality, performance and, most importantly, pricing. If you are not currently using this contract, visit ncpa.us/about to learn more about NCPA and learn if your organization can purchase under this co-op purchasing agreement.


GSA Contract: GS-02F-0048

As a member of GSA, you have access to discounted supplies, including office and facility supplies, furniture, and more.

We are a local GSA-contracted supplier of everything you need for your office, including office, janitorial and facility supplies, safety equipment, furniture, breakroom supplies, and more. We support your purchases with personal service and fast, free local delivery.